HK Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show Ends Successfully with New Surprises from C&T

HK Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show Ends Successfully with New Surprises from C&T

HK Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show Ends Successfully with New Surprises from C&T

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HK Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show 2024 concluded successfully on 21st April. During this 4-day exhibition, C&T, as one of the exhibitors, brought visitors a good sensory interactive experience with its new materials and professional team at the show. This exhibition is not only an opportunity for C&T to show its new products and processes to the world, but also an important platform to communicate with industry colleagues. Let’s take a look at what surprises C&T brought us in this exhibition!

1.Iphone16 series mobile phone cases on display
C&T, as a head manufacturer and supplier of digital technology accessories industry, brought iphone16 series mobile phone cases to this exhibition, which attracted many exhibitors to understand. And C&T promises that if there is any mismatch with this phone, it can be exchanged for a new one for free. Moreover, these cases also adopt a new design pattern, so that users can show their personality and fashion while protecting their mobile phones.

2. Anti-fouling mobile phone case, no fear of ink
The C&T anti-fouling phone case uses a special anti-fouling coating, which not only has excellent anti-fouling properties, but can also be easily wiped off, keeping your phone always clean as new. This anti-fouling coating can effectively prevent the adhesion of fingerprints, oil stains and other dirt, allowing your phone to always maintain a clean and refreshing appearance.
Compared with ordinary phone cases, our anti-fouling phone cases have a longer lasting cleaning effect and do not require frequent cleaning, saving you time and energy. Even if the phone case accidentally gets dirty during daily use, the dirt can be easily removed with a simple wipe, leaving your phone always looking shiny and new.

    3. Boundless Liquid Silicone Phone Case
    As a patented product of C&T, the Boundless phone casewhich means “not defined”. We want to express that we are all unique, undefined and not bound by rules and regulations. Each colour is applicable in various scenarios. The vertical pattern on the back is inspired by the tree pattern of the trees in the forest. Comfortable liquid silicone feel, the raised vertical pattern design also makes many people love it.

    4. Mycelium new material, mobile phone case attracts attention
    In C&T’s dedicated experience area, there was a mycelium leather mobile phone case. The uniqueness of mycelium leather mobile phone case is that its material comes from the mycelium network formed during the growth of fungi. This bio-based material not only does not produce harmful waste during the production process, but also does not cause any pollution to the environment. Compared with traditional plastic phone cases, mycelium leather phone cases are more eco-friendly, creating a healthy and green living environment for people.

    5. Never Yellowing High Transparency Mobile Phone Case
    In this exhibition, C&T also brought the high translucent, with no yellowing mobile phone case, this mobile phone case has passed the SGS anti-yellowing test, after 180 hours of high temperature test has been translucent. High translucent mobile phone case adopts advanced anti-yellowing technology to effectively resist the erosion of UV rays, oxygen and moisture, which prolongs the service life of the case. Even after a long time of use, High Transparency mobile phone case will not appear yellowing phenomenon, keep the original clear and translucent, providing a reliable guarantee for your mobile phone protection.

    Not only do we innovate in our products, but this time we also won the 2024 Top 20 Chinese Mobile Accessories Cross-border Brands awarded by Global Sources, which fully demonstrates the strength of C&T. C&T will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, quality, and service, to provide consumers with better mobile phone accessory products, and make a greater contribution to the development of the industry.

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