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Flexible Customization and Fast Delivery for Brands Since 2006

Automated injection workshop / Leather sewing workshop / Packaging workshop

8000+ ㎡
Factory Area
Sampling time
Automation equipment
GRS certification
Employees at 2022
R&D Team
Capacity / Year

Company Certification

30+ factory inspections/year, creating more possibilities for your market expansion


Enter the mobile smart accessories industry Rising with Apple


Factory Establishment; OEM service; Layout in developed countries


Automated equipment production; Passed international quality and management certification; Investment in R&D and design


Provide industry data analysis; Lay out sustainable development; Transform ODM customized services


80% environmentally friendly material products; AIGC: Intelligent Generation Content; 80% automated production
  • 80% automated production
  • 100W/month production
  • Mold makers with over 15 years experience
  • Imported precision equipment
  • Five specialised production lines
  • Mold makers with over 20 years experience
  • 30W/month production
  • There are 5 packaging lines, for example, packaging capacity of 120W-150W/month
  • Automatic needle detectors equipment
  • Automatic barcode scannerfor each packaging line
  • Carton Sealer
  • NDA training for customer production
  • Enjoy independent and priority production line
  • Customer rights protection management
  • Third-party professional destruction

Ethics and Production

Ethics and compliance
A safe and respectful workplace for everyone
Greener factories, greener communities.

R&D Team

C&T's investment in product R&D and innovation accounts for 5-10% of the company's annual marketing expenses.

Engineering Team

21+engineers(PE/IE/ME/BOM...) Improve process flow to enhance quality, efficiency, and fast delivery in a short time.

Quality System

15+people team 1st comprehensive laboratory in the industry product test report(All materials、safety test、screen test、Glue test、Hardware accessories test)

Complex Laboratory

10+ prodessional testing equipments, 20+ testing, for product quality escort

Customer Cooperation Cases

The European and American markets have become C&T’s core target markets, with a market share of up to 80%.
C&T provides specialized flexible customization solutions for more than 100 international famous brands in the world, and responds quickly to the ever-changing needs of the market.

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Cumulatively served 720+ clients

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Serving over 12+ industries

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Internationally renowned brand clients

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  • Specialized in special new enterprises
  • New high-tech enterprise
  • Integrate IT application with industrialization
  • Innovative small and medium-sized
  • Tax grade A
  • Won the 2023-2024 Innovation Design Gold Award at CES 2024