100% biodegradable case is made of PBAT+PLA+bamboo fiber

Biodegradable and compostable materials

C&T biodegradable products are made from a blend of PLA (polylactic acid), PBAT and plant fibers that can be completely decomposed into water and carbon dioxide under industrial composting conditions and tested to meet European standard EN 13432, which guarantees their full compostability in industrial composting plants. Customized biodegradable products can be marked with the biodegradable certification mark of the raw material on the outer packaging of the product, proving the environmentally friendly and harmless advantages of the raw material.

What is degradable plastic?

Degradation is the process of reducing the number of carbon atoms and molecular weight in organic compounds.

Degradable plastics refer to a kind of plastics whose properties can meet the use requirements and remain unchanged during the storage period, but can degrade into environmentally harmless substances under natural environmental conditions after use. Therefore, it is also called environmentally degradable plastics.

What is the significance of degradable plastics to environmental protection?

Replacing ordinary plastics with degradable plastics is an important way for human beings to deal with “white pollution”. By optimizing the production raw materials and production process, degradable plastics can be gradually decomposed into fragments and finally degraded under the combined action of sun, rain and microorganisms for days or months. Or will become the terminator of “white pollution”.

Source of degradable materials

Wheat fiber

Bamboo fiber

Corn fiber

Rice fiber

The production process fully follows the principle of environmental protection

100% Degradable

Raw material got EN13432 and D6400 INDUSTIRAL

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