Green and Sustainable, C&T always on the way

Green and Sustainable, C&T always on the way

Green and Sustainable, C&T always on the way

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On October 18, the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Forum 2 was held at the Hong Kong International Exhibition Centre! 

Representatives from the technology and digital industries gathered at the event to discuss how to improve the environment for the planet, the environment and the society, and how to seize the huge opportunities of sustainable development in the future, with the theme of “Eco-friendly Development: Sustainable Materials, Processes and Cultures” in the context of the global warming environmental crisis.

Mrs. Zhong, the founder of C&T, was invited to participate in the Hong Kong Expo Forum and delivered a speech on the theme of “going green”. She emphasized the importance of integrating the concept of sustainability into corporate values and product design, and shared how sustainable development has become a trend of brand business transformation under the global consensus of carbon neutrality, and how C&T has helped brands to successfully transform and provide efficient and convenient product customization solutions under the trend, which helps the entire digital industry to develop in a high-quality way.

Environmental issues usher in
a new era of “low carbon”

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), July 3-6, 2023, the average global temperature hit a record high. As per the International Labor Organization (ILO) projections, extreme heat will shrink global working hours by more than 2% by 2030, which translates to 80 million full-time jobs and $2.4 trillion in costs.

The 2022 United Nations Environment Programme in the journal Nature Reviews – Earth and environment states that every 1 kilogram of plastic releases 2.3 kilograms of CO2! Global plastic production is expected to exceed 1 billion tons by 2050, with CO2 reaching 1.3 billion to 1.4 billion tons.

Such pollution not only harms marine ecosystems but also affects our climate. For example, global warming and the expansion of the range of extreme weather have made the natural environment and social survival environment more and more fragile, and the degree of damage to human health has been increasing.

The World Economic Forum Global Risk Perception Survey 2021-2022, “failure of climate action” is ranked as the greatest risk for the next decade. The urgency of dealing with this crisis in all sectors of the world will also be unprecedented.


From the conclusion of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992, to the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, to the formal signing of the Paris Agreement in 2016, the political and legal basis for the global response to climate change has been jointly constructed.

In September 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted at United Nations Headquarters in New York. The Agenda demonstrates the international community’s focus on environmental improvement and its determination to continue to follow sustainable development in the future.

Sustainability is a movement that comes from the masses and any industry will start thinking about applying sustainability. Businesses need to be aware of their social responsibility and actively carry out sustainable changes to ensure that they will be able to meet more different challenges in the future.


In its 2022 white paper on the development of ESG, the authority noted that businesses from all walks of life around the world are advocating for sustainable development and that environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds have received record inflows, it is projected to reach $50 trillion by 2025.

This implies the importance of sustainable development on a global scale and provides a huge business opportunity for all industry.


According to the Global Consumer Insights Survey of 2021, more than 61% of Core Millennials (27-32 years old) are the most likely to green when shopping.

60% of Core Millennials consumers check product labels/packaging for sustainability certifications.

With global warming and changes in consumer attitudes, the world has ushered in a new era of “Low carbon”, which has put pressure on brands to transform into sustainable business models, promotes brand innovation and development.

Sustainable development
promotes brand transformation trend

The global climate change, the promulgation and implementation of policies, and the change of the concept of mass consumption not only bring the pressure of brand transformation, but also promote brand innovation and development. Grasping the new concept of consumption, to a large extent, can promote brand development, to provide the public with more high-quality products, services and experiences.

In September, Global Tech leader Apple announced that the Apple Watch series has become carbon-neutral, promising to be carbon-neutral in all its product lines by 2030. Apple’s pioneering move means that eco-themed products will become standard parts of technology products.

In the fashion industry, Hermès partnered with MycoWorks to launch a sustainable tote bag using mycelium Reishi material. Prada has launched “Recycled Nylon”, is implementing corporate social responsibility while creating economic benefits through the transformation and design of raw materials. Adidas creates products from recycled materials and marine plastics, and is committed to developing innovative plant-based yarns.

More and more brands and companies are joining international sustainable development-related alliances and organisations to develop products using new materials, become a pioneer of industry sustainable development reform.

To sum up, we find that brands are beginning to integrate sustainability into their corporate development strategies, focusing on social and environmental protection and giving back in practical ways to achieve long-term stability, has become an inevitable trend. However, while the industry promotes the sustainable development, the brand meets different problems in tracking and improving the sustainable development of each link of the industry chain, which needs to be explored and solved.

What C&T can offer brands
on the road to sustainability

In terms of customization services, C&T has been providing flexible customized solutions and rapid delivery for brands since 2006. As a manufacturing supplier, C&T is constantly developing new products, refining production processes, upgrading infrastructure, continuously innovating and upgrading brand green concepts, create environmental solutions that truly meet social needs and meet customer expectations.

In terms of green certification, in 2016, C & T was the first manufacturer in China to obtain international GRS certification (Global Recycling Standard).

In the same year, C&T continuously launched 100% biodegradable series based on biodegradable products.

Based on the development requirements of the times and consumer needs, C&T focuses on the innovation and sustainable development of new environmentally friendly materials, and actively develops a series of environmentally friendly new materials.

“In short, through the development of these environmentally friendly raw materials, C&T is providing more development possibilities and supply services for more brand parties, helping them to enhance their competitive edge. On the road to environmental protection, C&T has become a strong brand backing, from the source of materials, to production and delivery, to ensure the environmental protection of the whole chain,” C&T founder Mrs. Zhong said.

Mrs. Zhong is convinced that “C&T is the leading supply chain expert on environmental issues.”

As what Mrs. Zhong believes: “Sustainability is not just a feature of our products, it should be deeply embedded in our corporate values and product design,” to respond and seize the challenges and opportunities of a new era of sustainable development.

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