Sustainable Packaging

C&T's goal is to provide sustainable product packaging

Our goal is to achieve fully renewable, fully recyclable and carbon neutral product packaging. Providing fashion brands with the most sustainable product packaging is part of all our efforts in our journey to explore the environment.

FSC certified sustainable packaging

All new products are available in FSC-certified, biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging.

  • Raw materials from FSC certified forests
  • Plant fibers are natural fibers
  • Fast degrading and non-toxic
  • Highly sustainable

Consumer interest in sustainable packaging is accelerating

《Sustainable Packaging Consumer Report 2022》

of consumers said sustainable packaging is a factor in their product selection process.

of consumers stated they have consciously chosen to purchase certain products over others due to those particular products having sustainable packaging.

of consumers have purchased a product from a competing brand because they offer sustainable packaging.

FSC+ "0" Plastic / Biodegradable PET

Use FSC all-paper design, reduce or reject the use of plastic, and emphasize the concept of environmental protection. If you must use plastic, you can use biodegradable PET, which is made from recycled plastic and its degraded products do not pollute the environment.

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